Underweight or overweight?

Moms, especially young ones, jealously watching as gaining weight their baby. And not a little worry, if he does not reach the desired digits. There are science-based standards approved by the Russian Ministry of health. To find out whether these standards nine-month-old baby, is very simple: just add from his original weight of 5.95 kg. more

Meanwhile, the weight of the baby should always be weighed against the increase. To know him is also easy: to growth at birth add 20.5 cm. According to the same medical standards, the growth of nine-month-old girl should be about 70 cm and a boy 71-71,5 cm

Approximately every ten kids out of a hundred there are small deviations in development. Treat this as a individual.

Between the body weight of girls and boys there is a slight difference. So, girls must score 8.3 kg, and boys 8,9 kg. do Not be confused when different sources you will see several different numbers. Deviation from them 6-7% is quite acceptable.

Another thing, if the child's weight is less than or greater than 20-25%. Then there is a clear underweight or, on the contrary, the advantage. In this case, you need to make adjustments in the diet.

How to feed the baby

Proper nutrition provides tangible weight gain. By the way, at this age the child already usually have two upper and two lower milk incisor. However, the current children's teeth often erupt late. Don't worry, because this is also a kind of norm.

Menu baby in 9 months may consist already of three dishes: meat, vegetables and fruit. At this time, it is also time to introduce new foods: fish, boiled or steamed. Encourage your child to taste the new product, only let a tiny portion.

A week cook fish only one class and watch for any kid of Allergy. If you suddenly appear purple spots or rash, immediately eliminate fish from the menu.

Meals child serve warm, but not hot or cold. Salt and sugar add in very small quantities. And no candy! Accustomed to sweet – then they themselves torment.

Weigh the baby regularly

In order to detect errors in the diet, it is necessary to know how the dynamics of the weight of the baby. If he suddenly began to lose weight without good reason, then his body is obviously there are certain violations.

When child's weight exceeds all conceivable norms and his cheeks are hanging on a hanger, it is also alarming. You should not overfeed the baby, otherwise the extra weight will then turn into a pile of health problems.

If a child is gaining weight a little ahead or a little do not get it, that's fine. Worrying is when there are sudden changes. By the tenth month the child becomes heavier by about 0.5 kg and above 1.5 cm Scales should show 8.6 kg in girls, and 9.2 kg in boys, and height – 71 cm and 72 cm, respectively.