You will need
  • - play Mafia (English version)
  • - game disc in English (for reinstall)
If you have installed Russian version of the game of Mafia, open the console will not work. The function of the introduction of codes to facilitate flow, available only in the English version. To be able to open the console, uninstall the Russian version and install from the boot disk English (in the window of the language selection check the box for “English”).
Start the game in normal mode. Turn the keyboard into a mode of English (Shift (Lev)+Alt). To open the console, press Shift (Lev) + ~.
To get invincibility, enter the code BANDGANGSTERS. Pay special attention to the case of the entered letters. If the code is in capital letters, and introduced it needs to be just so. That is, to type the word, press and hold Shift or press CapsLk. Press Enter to confirm.
A large number of weapons and ammunition you can purchase by typing in the console code DEADGUNS. Also remember the case of the letters. If you entered everything correctly, press Enter to confirm.
To obtain infinite health you have two options for entering words MADEMAN. The developers propose to enter either uppercase letters (as written above), or just - Mademan. Here the game is programmed for two modes of writing. To confirm your desire to receive health, press Enter.