You will need
  • - installed on your PC the game Alien Shooter.
During the game mode selection or flow items enter one of the codes depending on what result you want to achieve. Please note that at the time of entering codes, you must have installed the English keyboard layout. It is best not to turn on the Caps Lock.
Also note that when you enter the cheat codes in the game with keyboards incomplete versions (most often found in laptop computers) should be off number mode Num Lock, otherwise instead of letters you will have to register the numbers characteristic of pressing one or another key.
If you want to get access to the full range of weapons in the game Alien Shooter, use the enter cheat code cheat w. In this case, the choice of weapons will be available for all items. If you need an extra 1000 health units, enter cheat code cheat h. To get extra 5000 conventional units of the currency of the game, enter the cheat m mode store.
For more thousands of units to each existing in the game use the weapons enter the cheat code a cheat. If you want to end your current game, enter cheat e.
Also note the additional materials, giving you certain advantages in the passing game. It various hacks, patches, mods and so on. You can find them in sections of the gaming forums that relate to Alien Shooter.
When downloading additional materials for the game, observe the precautions – do not turn off antivirusnik, do not send SMS messages for downloading files or unpacking archives, and don't forget to save the configuration modified files when using patches.