Often efforts to clean shiny skin and eliminate acne, on the contrary, increase their numbers and stimulate the sebum secretion. Not too often to use the scrub and apply remedies against acne in excessive amounts.
Approach to the treatment of this type of skin needs to be comprehensive and aimed not only at eliminating the existing acne but also to prevent the occurrence of new ones. In the morning wash your face with a cleanser, which should not be too drying, so as not started to work with a vengeance the fat ducts, and too greasy, so as not to clog the pores.
Choose to care for oily skin care product specifically designed for her. If she is prone to rash, use formulations antigravami components such as salicylic acid or benzoyl. Note that the means used in the morning, these components shall not enter, to avoid the overpopulation.
In the evening thoroughly clean the skin and treat acne rubbing her therapeutic lotion. Apply existing acne protivopravnoy spot. Once a week to do a cleansing mask, comprising active ingredients can deeply cleanse the pores and balance zhirootdelenie.
Improper care of dry skin is flaking, irritation and early wrinkles. It is important with well-chosen means to protect the skin of this type from moisture loss, resulting from the influence of Central heating, cold and sun. Do not use cosmetic compositions containing fruit acids and alcohol.
On dry face after morning cleansing, apply a moisturizer. Tone cream should also contain moisturizing ingredients. Their number, in contrast to the effects on oily skin, will not hurt. In the evening clean the skin means, well able to remove makeup residue, but not too drying. Then apply a moisturizing night cream.
Because dead skin cells prevent adequate hydration, and dry skin flaking off is not as good as greasy, once a week treat it with a soft scrub effect.
Enter in your diet fatty acids, which are rich in nuts, vegetable oils, oily fish. Eat plenty of fluids.
To improve the condition of aging skin will help avoiding harmful habits, especially Smoking, which prevents the full saturation of the skin with an antioxidant such as oxygen, and from the sun destroys the elastin and collagen that give the skin elasticity.
Regardless of the time of year, in the morning, apply a moisturizer containing filters, vitamins, antioxidants and other substances that help the skin to fight aging. In the evenings, after cleansing, use a nourishing cream, if you're over thirty – wrinkle cream.
Produce a once a week exfoliation using a special scrubs or masks, and then apply a nourishing mask.