First, you need to think about diet. You must limit the intake of fatty foods, sweet, salty and sour. You can also exclude from the diet sodas and coffee. These products contribute to the most active hormonal imbalance and can trigger unwanted breakouts.
After that you should buy cosmetics, whose action is aimed at deep cleansing the skin and matting of the individual sections. Best if a major component in their composition is tea tree oil, clay or other binding ingredients.
You also need to stock up on cosmetics in the form of powders, creams, or combined type. But to abuse these funds should not, as their frequent use can contribute to skin dryness.
You must daily wash your face with cold water and once a week use a scrub. Every morning and evening to RUB the skin tonic, astringent containing salicylic acid to do in the area of forehead and cheeks a gentle massage. Several times a month, you can use a mask of deep impact, which is most carefully cleanse the pores and return the skin for a long time.
If these recommendations are followed, pimples will not stay for a long time, facial skin will regain the beautiful color and clarity. It is important to remember that actions to combat acne should be used in combination. In addition, under no circumstances not to touch the pimples with dirty hands, and even more pressure. Such procedures should only be done in a beauty salon under the supervision of a professional doctor.