Purchase the program on the website of the developer. First of all, you need to register on the website ("paid" profile in the future). With high probability the program will give you the link (you the pop-up menu or in the tab "help" -> "Buy premium version"), clicking on which you will get in the buy menu. On the page that will reflect all the advantages of the paid version and presents possible methods of payment. The most common of these – the purchase using Visa, MasterCard or WebMoney. After the money transfer you will be given information about how to activate premium access: with serial number, online authentication, or by downloading a special version of the program.
Getting premium access for any site on the Internet is the same way. However, be careful: in this market much higher percentage of fraud. Try to avoid buying any kind of accounts and services to suspicious sites.
Small "casual" game that is spreading through the Internet, poputchitsa to the premium version similar to the rest.
Getting the "premium version" of a serious project of a major game Studio can be problematic. First of all, the number of bonuses given to those who buys the game before the official release (executes pre-order). It's best to do in online stores, such as EA's Origin or Steam – process feature just as buying games, download you can only in a certain moment.
Get the "Deluxe edition". It includes a lot of collectible items related to the world game (world map, stickers of characters, small objects) and, most importantly, all the advantages of the extended version (additional levels, DLC). To buy the game also through the Internet, however, it will be delivered by mail (accordingly, there is a fee for transportation). It is preferable, however, to buy "kollektsionku" in a retail store, if possible – as a rule, it is cheaper.