Develop the skill of checking websites for payment for only one of their genre. Accustomed to ignore links to resources where offered to step-by-step psychological test, pick a hairstyle, eye exam images, exam in a foreign language or SDA, check the computer for viruses directly from the browser (not to be confused with the online services to check individual files, they are free to make their own family tree to find in automatic mode friends in all social networks, play the quiz, find out the weather for the future (has nothing to do with reality), to identify the location of mobile phone without the consent of the subscriber or to read SMS, etc.
If you went to the site, inspect it thoroughly. Locate the link to terms of service. Such a link can be placed in an inconspicuous place on the page shown in a smaller typeface, or font, merging with the background (in this case, select all the text on the page and you will see it), etc., but it is likely to have, as owners of the resource is trying to avoid legal difficulties. In particularly difficult cases, try to find a link to terms of service, browsing the source code of the page.
Read the terms carefully. If they say that is a paid service, don't waste not only money but even the time to further read the content of the resource. Especially beware of sites, in terms of service which States clearly that the service is playful, fun, etc.
Remember that if you are invited to send an SMS message, but rather to enter the code received in the incoming message, it can also be a paid service. Moreover, in this case, you can be signed up for the service, and further funds from your account will begin to get in touch periodically without your intervention. If this happens, please contact the support service of your operator for approval of action for the abolition of such subscription.
If Internet access is performed by means of cell phone or USB modem and you are using a browser that load the page directly and not through the proxy server for data compression, beware of sites with increased traffic. When viewing additional funds in your account to start playing immediately, sometimes even without warning. Better check the full list of such resources on the website of the operator. Note, however, that if access to some resources of the operators, however, are not billed traffic at all, even if the tariff is not unlimited. Their list is also located on the operator's website. To view them use browsers that use intermediate servers, on the contrary, should not be.