You will need
  • - Data cable
  • Driver to synchronize
  • - Synchronization software
First and foremost, you must synchronize your phone with your computer. To do this, use the date cable, driver to computer / software to sync. Usually all these components are supplied with the phone. Otherwise, use a search engine to find the drivers and software. Keep in mind that you can choose ON that is suitable for the entire range of your phone, but the driver should be for your phone model. Use only those components that satisfy this condition, otherwise the operation may fail. Install the driver and software after that connect the phone to the computer.
Prepare your phone to change the software. Make sure that the synchronization software "sees" the phone, then copy personal data stored on phone - phone book, messages, photos, audio and video files. This is necessary because in the process of changing all your personal data can be lost. Making sure that you copied the files, go to the next step.
Download software for flashing, as well as the desired firmware version. You can find them using the search engine. Preferably the use of proven or factory firmware which can be found on the official website of the device manufacturer. Unsuccessful change operation of the software can cause damage to the phone.
Install program then copy the current firmware version on the computer. This is necessary in case of failure during the change of software. Make sure the battery is charged more than halfway, to avoid discharging during the process of firmware update. Perform the procedure, carefully following the instructions. Disconnect the phone from computer and restart it.