The company Google presented to the advanced users and developers a test version of the Android operating system N 7.0, which is markedly different from version 6.0 and is already able to compete with the latest iOS. Total there are four main functions, which are largely associated with the performance and optimization of the new OS.

Double-window view for the application

Android users N 7.0 will be able to work in parallel with 2 open programs, placing them on the screen at their discretion. This will be available to adjust the height and the width of the Windows, you can drag and drop information from one window to another. Switching between applications is not required, and to replace them at any time. It is very convenient in case when you need to take some notes or save the information with any browser by opening notes in the lower or upper half of the screen. In iOS 9, this feature is present, however, it is available not for all Apple products. For Android TV two-window mode will function according to the type of "picture in picture" when on the main screen with the video or game will appear a small additional window with the application.

Android N

Improved notifications

When you touch down on the screen there is a strip of icons and the ribbon with the notifications. Short touch on any icon interface displays more information about it, and a long press sends the user to the settings page. Bar with the icons you can customize yourself by choosing a more relevant feature of the phone. This possibility has not yet been implemented on other platforms and can only appear in iOS 10.

Updated notification system

In addition to the new fact increased the total information content of instant messengers and social networks on the lock screen and in the notification curtain. Users will be able to see avatars next to the messages, and respond more quickly to contacts. Also notice you can not only wipe, but also to set the importance of using the gears when shifting to the right. Similar notifications will be grouped together, combining into a single block messages to different customers (mail, whatsapp, facebook, etc.). Using the buttons under each post, you immediately reply, hide, or archive a contact, not leaving the blinds notifications. This feature was available in iPhone, starting with the eighth version of iOS.

Android N

Smart screen settings

When you open the menu will be available a generic list of settings, and more relevant points and information about the device. Full list of settings can be invoked with the left edge of the screen. Now you can set up savings for specific applications, and the night mode function with automatic inclusion in a specified time.

Among other updates, you can select the appearance button power saving during operation in the browser. The developers have also improved the system Doze. Now it will turn on instantly when the phone is in sleep mode, optimizing the level of energy consumption and limiting device access to the Internet.

Android N

A very useful addition, you can read the presence of an emergency button on the lock screen of the phone. By pressing it, you will see the name of the owner of the phone, his blood, various medical conditions, and other information that can help people in emergency situations. To quickly switch between two applications in Android N it is sufficient to click twice on the button with a square in the bottom right corner of the phone. This function is completely analogous to Alt+Tab in Windows.

Overall speed of loading apps, and camera is faster than in version 6.0. However, the main indicators beta 7.0 Android still inferior to the performance of iOS 9.3. It is hoped that on the date of the official release, which is scheduled for autumn 2016, N Android developers will be able to optimize all elements of the system.

If you are a developer, you should not install a beta on a working smartphone. In addition to the many updates, users may encounter various bugs of the system, which has yet to get rid of in the process of finalizing the new OS.