You will need
  • OS "Android", the app "Android Market", Internet
You first need to determine which version you are using. This should go to the following tabs in the program: "Main" - "Menu" - "Settings" - "Applications" - "Manage Applications". If your device is running Android operating system version 2.2 or later, then in the above application, you select the tab "All". If You are using OS version 2.1 and earlier, the further navigation scheme "Menu" - "Filter" - "All".
Open the tab "All" scroll down and select "Market" or Play store, under the name of the service you will see the version number of your application. If your electronic device is running Android version 2.2 and later, the software provider should be automatically updated to "Google Play store". Now You do not need further control over the update, it will be carried out independently, in the background, without status notifications to reinstall.

Note that Google Play may require an additional restart of the operating system. This service provides your device manufacturer or operator. If you have a functioning Android 2.2 or later, please contact the vendor of these services to address the issue.
If the electronic product is operating Android OS 2.1 or earlier, the app "Android Market" is not updated to "Google Play". Determine the exact version of your "OSes" in the phone menu click on the following tabs in "Settings" - "About phone" - "Information." In the last paragraph will show the version of your OS. If you use the "old" system, you get acquainted with novelties and buy different programs in the "Android Market", not updated to "Google Play".

To support traditional vendor software must perform the following steps: launch the app, go to home screen, take a break for 5-10 minutes, during which the Market will automatically update your work. After restarting this service will be ready to go.