The advantages and disadvantages of the change of Android version

It is possible to highlight some of the advantages of updating the firmware: getting rid of limitations, improved functionality, elimination of systematic failures in previous versions and just have the most recent version of the Android system. But installing new firmware on Android tablet computer may lead to disastrous consequences, if it is wrong to choose the version for your model or make mistakes in the installation process. In this case, the tablet may stop working, then you will have to contact the service.

Another danger of flashing is to install unofficial updates, modified the drivers which can force your device to work in the emergency mode. Such operation of your computer leads to wear of the device and damage it after some time.

Change Android version on tablet

To get started, obtain root privileges of root. This procedure is necessary in order to install ROM Manager, which is flashing. To obtain root privileges there are many apps like Universal Androot, GingerBreak, Z4Root, and others. Typically, in these applications, you can simply click Root device.

After obtaining root privileges, you should immediately download and install ROM Manager, versions of which are free and paid. The premium version allows the app to download and install new versions of the updates for your tablet PC. The free version is finding the right firmware becomes your task.

After installing the ROM Manager app go to its main menu and install ClockworkMod. Don't forget as a precaution, save a backup of the system, which activate the option Save current ROM.

Before installing Android on the tablet download the new version to the SD card and insert it into your device. Then put the tablet on charge, wait for full charge, unplug all cables and devices from the tablet PC, in addition to the charger, then turn on ROM Manager and click Install ROM from SD Card. The firmware update will last about 15-30 minutes. About the same time takes the first boot Android.

In the case of after download firmware Android symbol with an exclamation mark, you need to conduct a system restore. To do this, click on exclamation mark. In the menu, select Install ZIP from SD Card. Then activate the command to Toggle signature verification, and then click Choose ZIP from SD Card and select the firmware downloaded to the memory card.

In order to return to the old firmware, then load ROM Manager and click on Backups. From the list that appears, locate a previously saved version and select it, after which it will be installed.