How to get rid of jealous thoughts and anger to yourself and others? When they haunt, the person becomes irritable, it may be nightmares or insomnia, which leads to health problems. To stop being jealous and angry, you need to record on paper all their own achievements, talents, skills, positive character traits, etc. This will help you to rise in your own eyes and stop to envy others.
Think you need to be happy. This list will not be "car like the neighbor" or "men as colleagues". Focus on an original idea that only you have. Another important point: you should want to fulfill this dream, not because someone "burst of envy", but only because you want it. Send all forces to achieve the goal. For this you will need to plan and act. If you will be completely absorbed by the goal, the first results of work will not take long, and the evil envy will no longer torment you.
Under the emotional influence of the man himself without realizing it can "feed" the anger of the negative emotions. From this it becomes more dramatic, more dispersed, and as a result, begins to make mistakes, be rude, etc. And the fact that he has "everything goes wrong", he begins even more angry. To get out of this vicious circle will help pause. As soon as you feel that you are filled with anger, stop, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths.
From time to time to let emotions out, for example, write down all your thoughts in a diary. Describe that experience to the object of your anger and why. This method will help to identify the cause of aggression, and knowing her, you can look for solutions to problems. Sheet of paper on which to pour out all negativity, the better to burn, pre-writing separate reasons and ways of getting rid of anger. If you can't independently control the manifestation of evil emotions or to overcome envy, you need the psychological help of a specialist.