Finally, ask yourself: do you want to try a traditional relationship? Answer not immediately. Consider the age, homosexual experience, remember when and under what circumstances did you realize you are gay, you are ready for such changes your loved ones, and are you willing to experience some inconvenience related to the fact that change of sexual orientation would entail a change of lifestyle?
Given that homosexuality is not just gay sex, and the full range of feelings, start with trying to Express sympathy towards persons of the opposite sex. First, it will be difficult, but don't try immediately to treat a woman as a woman. Try to be interested in it as a person. Look for it in what you like and certainly does not correlate with the floor.
Behavior, including sexual, balance between the three spheres: instincts, emotions and mind. Sexual attraction — pure instinct — love- to back up his emotion, the relationship is a reasonable settlement of the emotions and instincts. The opposite also happens: the mind is unable to hold back any emotions or instincts. Get familiar with them. Man, though the primacy, but not the animal, sometimes it is better to think than to follow my feelings. Especially if they are caused by, for example, the fashion for all things forbidden (gay is not by birth, but "at the behest of time" are quite common).
Change the cultural background. LGBT mass culture often resembles a cult: films gay clothing for gay men, fragrances for gays, etc. Discard self-presentation as a man homosexual. Being met on clothes, you will be able faster and easier to realign the mind.
If long attempts to influence their sexual orientation will not bring tangible results, stop and if necessary go back to them no earlier than six months or a year. During this time you will have not one the opportunity to weigh the "pros" and "cons" and to affirm or cancel the selection you made.