Advice 1: How to determine the ip address of the modem

Modern devices connect to the Internet - modems, routers - are configured through the control panel, which is loaded in the browser. To reach it, you can enter in the address bar of the internal IP address - it is often called the address of the modem or the router, although this is not entirely correct. To learn this address from the description of a specific device model or built-in operating system.
How to determine the ip address of the modem
You will need
  • ОС Windows.
If the computer is running Windows 7, open the device list of the network infrastructure. This can be done in several ways - for example, through the "control Panel". Open the main menu, launch the panel by selecting its name and then select the item "Network and Internet". On the next page view basic information about your network, click the icon, which depicts a house, but it actually is a "Network". The result should open the "Explorer" window with the correct list.
There is a shorter path to the device list of the network infrastructure. For example, press Win, type "set" and in the list of search results, click the link "Network". Or run "Windows Explorer" using "hot keys" Win + E and in the left column click the icon "Network".
In the list under "Network infrastructure" should be the icon with the modem, call its context menu by right-clicking the mouse. In the commands list, select "Properties" and in the opened window go to tab "Network device". In the last row of the lower section - the "Diagnostic info" - this tab is placed need information about the IP address of the device.
If the IP address of the modem you need in order to be loaded into the browser control panel with this unit, use the link on the same tab. It is placed in the first section - the "device Information" - next to "Web page". However, to open the properties window of the modem it is not necessary in the device context menu in the "Explorer" window instead of "Properties" you can select "View web page"device.
There is no universal way to determine the internal IP address of the modem for all released in this century versions of Windows. To use it, open a command-line interface - press Win + R, type cmd and click on OK. Then type ipconfig and hit Enter. In the list displayed in the terminal information will be the IP address of the modem, but it will be named differently in different OS versions - for example, "IPv4 address" under "Ethernet adapter local area Connection".

Advice 2: How to determine the ip of the modem

You have ADSL modem, through which you connect to your ISP. You need to modify the settings of the modem. To do this, as you know, you have to connect to the modem using its IP address. If you forgot the address, information about it can be found in your computer.
How to determine the ip of the modem
Make sure the modem is turned on and connected to the network card of your computer. Try to connect to the modem at the standard address. It needs to be specified in the instructions to the modem or in the contract with your provider, if you got the modem from him.
If the address could not be found, assume that the IP address of the modem This is the standard address that is set by the manufacturers of the vast majority of these devices. Start your browser, type in the address. If you succeed, you will be connected to the modem and the browser will open the settings window of the modem. But it just does not always work.
Try to get information about the IP address of your modem from the command line. Click the "start" button, select "Run". In the opened window type cmd (all letters), click "OK". You will see a black console window for communication with the operating system from the command line. Depending on the situation, you can help different teams. To deal with the situation for a long time, and do not need. Easier to type commands and watch turned out or not. All letters in commands - Latin, the quotation marks don't type it. Team safe, they only request the withdrawal of the information without changing anything.
Type "arp-a" and press Enter. If appeared on the screen along the following lines:
Interface: --- 0x2
IP address Physical address Type 00-1f-a4-7b-77-2c dynamic
the numbers at the beginning of the third row is the desired IP address of your modem.
Type "ipconfig /all" and press Enter. The screen will display many rows with different information:
IP configuration for Windows
Computer name: home-5q1i4841r5
Default gateway:
You need the line default gateway in it with high probability will contain the IP address of your modem.
Getting the address then try to connect to the modem through the browser, as in step 1, and follow the changes.
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