You will need
  • - the recorder;
  • - oil burner and essential oil.
Proceed to the study of the material in the first half of the day. Choose a time when you are already awake and clear thinking, but have not had time to get tired, and try to "push" myself as much as possible useful information. No need to put the text on the last day. In this case, the psychological aspect will play a role: you will be scared even to approach the textbook, and you won't remember anything.
Read the text, try to understand its essence. Even if you memorize by heart a passage from a literary work, you need to understand what it is about. Mentally make a short plan read.
Consider how much memory you have developed better visual or auditory. If visual, then starting to study the textand look carefully at the page. Please note, what's the number, as in the textof paragraphs, whether the bent corners of the sheet. Several times, read the first paragraph. Then visualize in front of a page and "read" the text.
If you learn by ear, read the text on a dictophone, and then regularly listen to a record, breaking information on texts and learning it.
The person remembers the information, which is associated with certain odors. Getting started memorizing the textand, light the aroma lamp, filling it with essential oil. Suitable citrus oil, mint, rosemary, juniper, eucalyptus, nutmeg. After that you will open the bottle and feel the familiar scent, to remember the text.
Once you have learned the text, take a break, do some other things, and don't open the book. Repeat it should be only in the evening. During sleep the human brain sorts information, lays it down, removing unnecessary. You will be surprised when he woke up, realize that may reproduce text from any place.