You will need
  • A large amount of information
  • Emergency
  • Handle
  • Paper
One of the ways to remember a large amount of information in retransmission of stored material. Depending on the type of memory (visual or auditory) you can write or record on audio media for subsequent listening to the data that you want to memorize.
After that try to check that out memorize deposited in your head. Write down everything you can remember. And then compare the recorded with the original. In any case, the repetition and rewriting – it is very effective to save the information.
Another technique for remembering large amounts of data – the definition of the main thought. For example, if you need to memorize a paragraph of information, you must read it carefully to identify and record the point. One proposal is to send your brain to the rest of the information, which will not be recorded.
Advanced technique for memorizing large amount of information- try to write the first letter of all words in the text that you want to remember. Record the letter code, and then try to reproduce everything recorded. Then again, look at the full text, and then again come back to the code. Sounds incredible, but this technique, with constant exercise, really works.