You will need
  • Notice of cancellation of power of attorney issued personally against receipt, notice by mail or through a notary.
Under current law, a special form of cancellation of a power of attorney is not provided. A person who wishes to revoke a power of attorney can do it in person, taking proper receipt from the person to whom it was given, where it would be witnessed, that the representative notice of cancellation of power of attorney. To explain the reasons of the revocation the owner of the car is not required.
If this is not possible, you can use the services of mail by sending a letter with return notification. The same action can be done through a notary.
Notary services is especially desirable if there is a need to record the fact and timing of the transfer or cancellation of power of attorney. The notary, at the request of the person who filed the application for revocation, shall issue to him a certificate of transfer of this statement.
When revoking power of attorney the owner of a car must inform about this fact is not only the representative but also third parties, in this case the corresponding registration division of traffic police. A similar duty falls on the shoulders of the heirs in case of death of the owner of the car.
If a car owner has withdrawn the power of attorney and did not warn the other party that was issued the power of attorney, the possibility of negative legal consequences. This is because the legal consequences of terminating a power of attorney comes at a time when the representative found out, or should be, to learn about its abolition. So, if the power of attorney was cancelled, for example, may 5, and the representative found out about it only on may 25, the transaction of purchase and sale of cars, decorated to the 25th of may, will be recognized.
The fact of cancellation of General power of attorney should be done in the presence of witnesses who could confirm it in case of disputes.