Contact the notary where you were issued the General power of attorney. Write a statement about the cancellation of a previously issued document. Then you can act by themselves or ask a notary to notify all interested parties that a power of attorney revoked. If you contact the notary you for some reason are unable to assure your signature on a statement may other persons. In accordance with paragraph 3 of article 185 of the civil code and with article 37 and 38 of the fundamentals of legislation on notaries it may be officials of local authorities, consular service, the chief physician of hospital in which you are treated, etc.
Report about the cancellation of General power of attorney to the concerned persons themselves. To upload the document in person against receipt or sent by mail with acknowledgment of receipt. The receipt of physical persons should contain the name of the person, his passport data, data on a residence and signature; the receipt of legal entities — full name of organization, name and position of the person, whose mandate includes work with such documents, as well as his personal signature and stamp or seal of the organization.
Keep in mind that as long as you don't put a person aware of the fact that the power of attorney is revoked, it will have all the rights to dispose of your property on. The same rule will be valid against third persons if the person you gave a power of attorney, entrusting them your property or made under a power of attorney any other actions which they have rights and/or obligations (article 189 of the civil code). Once you inform them about the cancellation of power of attorney these rights and responsibilities will lose its force.
Take ago form General power of attorney from the person to whom you once gave. For example, if we are talking about a power of attorney on the vehicle and the vehicle is not you, and also take the car. If the person for some reason refuses to return your property, contact the court.