You will need
  • - lavender oil;
  • - tea tree oil.
For the prevention of head lice wash regularly, change underwear and bed linen. Everything that can be washed, expose the wash, using high temperature. Things that cannot be washed, carefully iron.
Do not use other people's hats, combs, bedding. Observe elementary rules of personal hygiene. Apply daily to hair lavender oil or tea tree lice can not stand the smell and will likely prefer a different location for the residence and reproduction, than the scalp of a man, smelling of specified funds.
If you use public transportation, wear on your head with a thick hat or pokazyvaya the head with a thick scarf. Under the headdress hide all the hair. Public transport is one of the danger areas, where one can easily get infected by head lice and wardrobe, despite the fact that you thoroughly wash, observe all rules of personal hygiene.
When you visit the pool, saunas use a rubber cap. Contact with an infected person can cause of head lice, despite the fact that all persons using the pool, have a medical certificate.
When visiting the hairdresser, check how carefully handled combs, scissors, other devices after each visitor.
Protivopedikuleznoe activities should be conducted in all public institutions: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, public social institutions, where a large number of people of different social groups (SanPiN №1249-03, the order of Ministry of Health No. 342).
All the newcomers in social institutions needs to be carefully examined. Subsequent inspections carried out at least twice per month. If lice are identified, place the patient in isolation and spend antiparasitic treatment.
Students of educational institutions should be inspected as a nurse after every school holidays and during school term at least two times per month. In boarding schools, children's homes inspection conduct weekly.