How to avoid getting head lice

To prevent parasites in your life, it is necessary to observe elementary rules of hygiene. Teach your children from a very young age to wash their hands. Every day after walks or stay in kindergarten inspect the baby's hair.

Lice can be picked up when using other people's hygiene, in a public pool and even in transport. If you find yourself or your child of lice and nits, you need to identify the source of infection. Be sure to inform the kindergarten about the infection to caregivers checked out other guys.

Pharmaceuticals from the lice with permethrin

The most famous and quite effective remedy for lice is permethrin. He is part of the "nix", "Medifax", "Nittifor" - topical treatments from lice and nits.

Permethrin paralyzes the nervous system of the parasites and they die. The funds with permethrin does not cause serious side effects and toxic lesions of the human body.

"Medifox" can be bought in pharmacies in the form of an emulsion that can be applied externally during pregnancy and breastfeeding. A gel form of medication used to treat pubic and head lice.

"Knicks" is available in the form of a cream with the comb in the kit. The drug is approved for external use by pregnant and lactating women, also "Nicks" can be treated the youngest children.

"Nittifor" is available in two forms: lotion and cream. It cannot be used by pregnant women and children under 5 years of age. Cream shampoo "NOC" can be used every day until recovery.

Pharmaceuticals from the lice with fenaminom

Phenothrin is in the group of PYRETHROID insecticides and is part means "Anti-bit" (liquid soap), "Parasitos" (shampoo), "Itax" (shampoo). All these external preparations can be applied to all adults and children from two and a half years. Shampoo phenomenom "Veda" may not be used during lactation and pregnancy.

Pharmaceutical preparations of head lice with Malathion

Shampoo "Pedilin" created on the basis of Malathion - fosfororganicheskikh substances, destroying lice and their nits. The composition of multicomponent aerosol "Pair-plus" include: Malathion, piperonila butoxide, permethrin.

Drugs from head lice for the treatment of clothing and bed

Don't forget that point in treating the lice will not be if not treated with special medicines personal hygiene items, clothing, and upholstered furniture. Must be processed twice: once treatment started and one week after the first treatment. You need to use the "Spray-pax", "Pair plus" or "A pair".