Start learning as early as possible. Preferably early in the morning. At this time, the body rested and his head is still not crammed with various thoughts, problems and cases, so the information will be remembered much faster and easier.
Teach on down the line. First, disassemble the most complicated and difficult things, and then go to easier. In extreme cases, they can be used interchangeably.
Hearken to the essence of the lecture. The amount of information remembered will be the greater, the higher the degree of understanding. Don't waste your time, which you do, and so little on memorizing all the information. Just carefully read the material, trying to understand what was going on, and remember the highlights. After that, you will easily be able to answer any question relating to the subject even remotely. And to make any independent conclusions that will completely reveal the fullness of your knowledge.
Focus on studying the lectures. Turn off the computer and the sound on the phone, don't get distracted by other things, no matter how tempting they may be. Every two hours take a rest for 15-30 minutes. During this maximum relax and rest your head. Best of all this will be done during a walk in the fresh air.
Summarize the material read. After studying one subject, tell us about it himself, not peeping into the lecture. Try to remember everything you can. And then look in the notebook and find lost moments. Besides, speaking it out loud will help you to feel more confident in front of the teacher and deliver your speech from stuttering and unnecessary words-parasites.
Make from memory an outline of each topic, from which you will start with the disclosure of the material. And in any case don't waste time writing ponies, which, perhaps, you will not have a chance to use it.