Advice 1: What if the guy spends more time with friends

If your boyfriend pays more attention to your friends, you probably hate it. Don't let the situation slide. Understand the reasons that your young person spends with friends too much time and try to change the moment.
What if the guy spends more time with friends
Don't upset the young man a party with friends. This will only set him against himself. Be wise and accept his direction. Remember, you are opponents, not enemies. You are a couple and need to support each other. Try to figure out exactly what he does when with friends. If he just talks, surely you can join his company. If for some reason your guy is resisting this, proceed gradually. For a start, assign a date immediately after meeting with friends or before.
Be proactive. Call yourself a young person, talk to him. Do not take a passive position, not wait for his call. Use the time that you are unable to meet, for their own interests, because you probably have your friends, Hobbies, passions. Start to do something new and turned his attention to its development.
Talk with the second half. If this is the first real relationship for your boyfriend, he may not understand what you expect from it. Now he's comfortable as well to have fun with friends, as it was before meeting you. Do not throw tantrums, and calmly explain that you are offended by such behavior that you want to spend more time together. Find out whether he is ready for a serious relationship. If not, you either have to wait for him to Mature, or to find someone who will pay you more attention as you deserve.
Think about whether your relationship is real. When your guy is interested in you, feels for you a genuine sympathy, he will spend more time with you, not with friends. If not, it might not very important to be there. Whether you want to continue to see this man crying into the pillow or is it better to find someone who can properly prioritize, you decide.

Advice 2: What if a guy doesn't call

So easy to make a happy loving woman, if you just call her and say, "How are you? I miss you..." However, favorite does not ring, and the girl is tormented by suspicions and guesses...
What if a guy doesn't call
If your kid is very young, perhaps he's just shy to call. And, you are stronger than he likes, the more he hesitates. If he has a page on the social networks, go and write something helpful, make a compliment to his photos. Perhaps the young man will talk about his hobby - ask him more about this lesson and let them know that you, too, it's interesting. If the guy liked you, he'd be happy to talk to such a harmless topic and the innocent pretext for the meeting. Some men consider it a sign of weakness, frequent calls, and gentle words. They fear that the girl will abuse their love and will prevail in the relationship. These tough guys decide in advance that you will call, say, 3 days later, and withstanding this period. Do not throw the guy with reproaches and questions: "Why?" Be cheerful and friendly, but no more. Let them know that spent these days interesting and useful. The more the girl Hobbies, the more she appreciates the time, the more respect will be to treat her guy.If a man does not call, perhaps, for this there are objective reasons, that you do not have a relationship. For example, he got sick, went to urgent business trip or a fight with the police. If you have reason to call the young man "my boyfriend", you can call him or send sms. In the end, if your friend got into trouble, he has the right to count on your help and compassion. If your relations develop, and you really want to hear his voice, find a pretext to call. For example, you learned the news that is likely to interest him. Or you needed help in the issue in which the guy understands. Do not tighten the conversation – if the guy was not going to call you, your obsession don't like him. If he wants to talk, he will hold you back.And finally, there is a very good reason why a guy never calls you simply do not need. Sometimes men go from bad explanations, pleading important matters. It is easy to understand: if he doesn't have time for calls and meetings with you, with friends, on the contrary, he seems often and willingly, then your relationship is over. It's painful, but not fatal. Do not impose your precious love to someone who doesn't need it.

Advice 3: If the guy below girls...

There is a common opinion that the guy must be taller girl.However, the love of evil, and it may happen that the chosen one is male lower growth.
If the guy below girls...

Small, but perfectly formed

If you happen to meet on the vital way a short guy, do not just reject him, because his complexion carries a lot of advantages over high men.

First, a short young man will need much less food to satisfy your hunger, unlike fellow basketball player. You don't have to spend a lot of time at the stove, creating culinary masterpieces on a large scale.
Everything else you will be eating less, which will benefit your body - it can not be the fragile girl is more of her boyfriend.

Second, in choosing clothes for the low men are also no problem. Men with height below average rarely meet, so the range of clothing significantly wider. Much easier to find shoes 39 or 40 size than a 47 or 52, you will have to sew to order, and will cost a pretty penny. It can be concluded that the compact male economically large.

Third, the small men are more ambitious: kompleksuya due to growth, they are seeking to achieve success in career, personal life, in order to disguise your flaw. If you feel uncomfortable around him, it is absolutely nothing: you might meet a millionaire - don't miss your chance.
This medal has a reverse side. Napoleon syndrome can turn your cute Teddy bear in a cold-blooded, heartless, unprincipled tyrant, coming through the heads.

All decide inches?

You do not need to live in accordance with stereotypes. If your partner suits you at all, does it really matter what the growth? This is equivalent to saying that the girl is waiting for Prince on a white horse instead of the horse he comes to her on a camel.

The main thing - his attitude towards you how much he appreciates you, what can give you, what qualities have. If he's a wonderful person, it is important that it is above or below set by society standards?

In the end, if you are worried because of the difference in growth, eliminate from your life shoes with heels, avoid vertical stripes in outfits.
Choose bright clothes, and shiny fabrics - they visually make a person below.

If you constantly criticize and make fun of friends, and favorite people - a reliable support and protection, is it not better to objectively look at their comrades and ponder over whether they wish you well.

Advice 4: What if the guy is jealous

Jealous guy many girls take it as a welcome addition to the expression of his feelings – he's jealous, it means love. Some truth in that statement is, but only very insignificant, because jealousy is harmful and destructive feeling.
What if the guy is jealous
The origins of jealousy are in their own insecurities – the guy is afraid that he's not good enough for girls, experiencing constant fear, waiting for when she left him. These emotions do not always manifest themselves clearly, often these beliefs are formed on the subconscious level, making it difficult for the person to build relationships. To decide how to treat jealousy, only trying to understand the motives of the guy.Jealousy is totally normal and appropriate response to the misbehavior of the girl – she may behave provocatively, to flirt with other guys, spending a lot of time in the company of other fans, etc. So if your relationship has already reached a serious level, then accept the fact that from now on all my sexiness and looseness you need to show only to him. Do not confuse friendship with cheeky behavior.With a jealous need to fight with their own weapons – try to behave similarly, just mirror him. It is likely that, having been the victim of revniviy", he will reconsider his behavior and make amends. You can hint to him that such a relationship is not what you expected, starting to meet him. If he is unable to cope with the problem, offer assistance – talk, role-playing, counseling. During fits of jealousy just act cool and indifferent, because your response in the form of justificatory speeches is exactly what he expects. Help the beloved to overcome self-doubt, prove to him that you he is the best and desirable. It is quite another thing when a guy is jealous for no reason – it's pathological owner, who cannot prevent the loss of a loved one. Such people can be dangerous, especially when jealousy is combined with an explosive temper – and physical close. If you notice the slightest signs that guy hard to control myself, or was already the precedent, then immediately get away from him. And it should be done carefully, without causing shock to the ego scandals and tantrums. It is best to enlist the support of strong friends, brother or father who, if anything, will be able to help you and scare the jealous type.

Advice 5: How to understand that a guy wants to break up

Parting with a loved one is always very sad and frustrating especially when it happens unexpectedly. It seems like yesterday everything was perfect, but today for some reason he offers to remain friends. So, I think at this time, why? But there were signs that pointed to his desire to leave, you just haven't seen them, did not pay attention, did not notice, looking at everything through rose-colored glasses of love. Objectively looking at relations, we can always tell that a loved one wants to break up with you. What are these signs?
How to understand that a guy wants to break up
Lovers dissolved in each other, ready to spend time together all day, can not imagine life without each other. When the relationship cooled, constant closeness begins to pall, I want to devote more time to his beloved. If your young person constantly finds reasons not to be with you, it should alert you. Of course, no need to panic, maybe he's got a lot of work, or family problems, but you never know what might distract him. But the frequent absences with friends without you is not a good sign.
Another bell should be the unwillingness of your favorite men to make plans for the future. Of course, the rare guy every day to discuss your future family life, children and grandchildren. And talking about marriage scare many. But if a man does not want to discuss even a joint vacation soon or plan parties and entertainment, it is clearly sure that together you will not do it.
Men by nature are polygamous - that is a fact, and to discuss a beautiful woman, or to look after the long-legged blonde no man is not considered shameful. However, active communication with other women, especially with one particular, you should be alerted. Even seemingly harmless online relationships can lead to real relations, which will destroy your idyll. Suspicion needs frequent and long phone conversations with women, business Lunches with a colleague of the female sex, attending night clubs and bars without you.
Loving man always ready to please his girlfriend. He gives her flowers, gifts, candy, cards with romantic captions. When the feelings of men grow cold, he forgets about it. Yes, and spending money on a woman you don't plan to continue the relationship they think is kind of stupid. This is especially true of men from the fields of business and relationships with women is considered one of the forms of investment, contribution to a happy future.
Planning a life together with the woman, the man generally resigned to the need to communicate with relatives of the future wife. He tries to please parents, to find a common language with our brothers and sisters. When he is not in the plans long Association with you, he's not looking for communication with your loved ones. And to introduce a temporal passion with your family is not going to.

Advice 6: What if the guy lost interest

In different periods of life the relationship between two people can change from love to indifference, and even complete loss of interest in each other. So how do you determine the first signs of cooling of the guy and what to do to revive and strengthen his feelings for you?
What if the guy lost interest

Whether your guy lost interest in you?

You have been so? Suddenly, there's a disturbing thought: "My guy lost interest..."? You met, enjoyed each hour spent together. But once I felt that he is not the same. Your loved one looks the same as before, not listening to what you tell us and not candles. Alas, all that remained of the past, and your relationship are not the same.

Life is rich with many diverse sensations, pleasant and joyful, and sometimes sad and very sad. But, if it were not for unpleasant moments in life, would people appreciate happy hours and days?

The sudden shift from joy to sadness scares you, makes you act rashly. This is where you need to stop, give yourself time to think. After all, may be a variety of reasons for the cooling relations. Perhaps your guy is just tired, he's in trouble at work. So can be everyone.

In this situation it is best not to make a scandal or questioning the tired and frustrated man. This can cause rupture of relations. The best option in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss the reason why the guy lost interest, as you think it is. It is very likely that your relationship has not changed, and you will be happy to continue to call him "my boyfriend", "my".

If your boyfriend was cold to you

If you find that your guy was to you to be steadfast, and you don't want to part with this man, no need to panic. Soberly assess the situation and plan their future actions. Remember? Men are hunters by nature. They are interested in a new, unattainable. Perhaps you got complacent, stopped being a mystery to her boyfriend.
Pause for a period, make him feel that you can walk out of his life.

Make him a little jealous. Let him see that his friends admire you. But just do not overdo it with the flirting, don't let him think that he is you no longer need, otherwise it will further grow cold towards you.

Use that while you are together, and he began to grow cold to you. Take care of yourself to look at 100, make a fancy dinner. A beautiful woman that he hadn't lost interest, his favorite music and delicious food (you know what he likes!) help him to look at you with different eyes, to see again the one that he almost fell out of love.
Perhaps a relaxing, convinced of his love, you have ceased to follow him. And he always sees you without makeup, with disheveled hair, wearing old jeans and a stretched t-shirt. The man loves his eyes, you cannot forget it!

Usually the man involuntarily compares his woman with his mother. Think about what you can be like her. Try to emphasize this similarity. Of course, this is only if you are sure that your guy is a very good relationship with my mom. Otherwise you can hurt yourself.

Or try to to make your route to pass by the places where you walked, when your feelings to each other was especially strong. It stir the dying feeling and will help him to flare up with new force.

And again. Think about activities and Hobbies. Perhaps your guy enjoys Alpine skiing, swimming, football or hockey. If you really love and want to keep, share with him his passion. Spending time together will strengthen your relationship. And in conversations with friends, you will again call him "my boyfriend" and be proud of yourself, because you were able to win back his beloved and regain his feelings for you.
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