Advice 1: How to make jelly with gelatin

Winter without jelly is not collected, no Russian feast. This dish is not only delicious, but also useful. There are many different recipes of aspic, one of them is a jelly with gelatin.
How to make jelly with gelatin
You will need
    • beef shank - 3 kg;
    • 2 large chicken legs;
    • 2 large onions;
    • 2 large carrots;
    • 6 packages of gelatin;
    • salt;
    • pepper;
    • Bay leaf.
Put water on the fire.
Slice the beef Shin pieces, rinse well and dip in boiling water. As soon as the water boils again, turn down the gas.
Constantly skim off the surface foam and fat. Once the foam ceases to form - drain the broth and put the meat in another pot.
Carrots and onions cut into cubes, add to the chopped meat, pour boiling water and put on fire. Cook 6 hours on low heat.
With drumsticks, remove the skin and trim all the fat. Add chicken legs to cooked 6 hours meat and vegetables. Cook for 30 minutes, then season with salt and pepper, add Bay leaf and cook for another 20 minutes.
Remove the pan from the heat, meat and vegetables spread, strain the broth through a double layer of cheesecloth or a fine sieve.
Gelatin pour half of the broth. Once it swells, dissolve in a water bath, mix with the remaining broth.
Once the meat has cooled - dice.
Arrange meat and vegetables on the forms and pour the dissolved gelatin. Put in a cool place for freezing.
Jelly with gelatin can be served with mustard.
Jelly with gelatin will work without a layer of fat at the top.
Useful advice
It is best to cook the meat in a pressure cooker. then the cooking will take more than 6 hours, and 4.

Advice 2: How to cook aspic with rabbit meat

Aspic is a traditional dish domestic kitchen, but be prepared: you will need a lot of time to prepare this delicacy. Usually the jelly is cooked from the meat of poultry or pork, however it may be cooked with rabbit meat. Jelly rabbit makes a delicious and moderately thick.
How to cook aspic with rabbit meat

Preparation of basis for aspic

To cook jellied rabbit, you'll need polutorametrovaya rabbit, two carrots, two onions, spices (traditionally take Bay leaf, black pepper in the form of peas), parsley (can be dried, but you can root), dill, celery, salt to taste and 30 grams of gelatin.

The rabbit should cook. To do this, cut it in 6-8 pieces and place in a deep saucepan. Add onion, carrot, parsley and salt with vegetables and various spices meat is more fragrant and juicier. Pour meat and vegetables with cold water and simmer 3 hours on low heat. In the process of cooking remove the foam from the broth and ensure that the broth does not evaporate. If this happens, just add a little water and boil the jelly on.

About an hour before the end of cooking, do some gelatin. Soak it in cold water. As soon as the meat base for the meat is cooked, drain the broth in a separate pan and cool the meat. From the broth, remove the vegetables, though the use of carrots, consider this: it can be used directly in the jelly as decoration.

Once rabbit meat has cooled, proceed to his "analysis": select the bones from the meat. Gelatin meanwhile, pour the broth and put on fire. It should be dissolved, without bringing the broth to a boil. Once gelatin is ready, turn off the fire and cool the resulting casting.

Final preparations

Once you understand the meat, lay it on a deep plate and pour the broth. To the jelly turned out tender, the broth is pour through a strainer or cheesecloth. Add a dish of vegetables. Carrots, for example, you can cut circles or flowers. If you want jelly, you can add pressed garlic cloves and a lemon wedge. Usually makes 5-6 servings, but it depends on the size of plates and containers that you use to pour the jelly.

Leave the jelly to cool, then put them in the fridge. The jelly is ready only when it is completely frozen. If a dish is in the process of curing was covered with a film of fat, don't worry: it can always be removed.

Ready to serve the jellied can of boiled potatoes, greens and fresh bread (preferably black). Do not forget about the sauces: the jelly usually served with horseradish or mustard. Jelly is a good snack for strong drinks.

Advice 3: How to cook jellied pork legs

Now the jelly is served as a traditional holiday dish, but if you look at history, it is not always the food in Russia was considered worthy of celebration. In wealthy homes, after the feast was going leftovers, covered with broth, cooked and cleaned in the cold. Such second-rate food given to servants. A new taste and grace gave the dish a French chef, once the fashion for all things French came to our country.
How to cook jellied pork legs

True fans of Brawn to add to the dish gelatin is considered bad manners. So now we will talk about exactly how to make jelly without gelatin.

What cook jelly

The Deposit has a delicious jelly – a well-chosen meat ingredients. There is a perception that without the addition of beef dish may not be frozen. If you have the opportunity to cook the jelly with them, you do not need to embrace if this is not possible, you should not get upset. To jelly frozen, enough pork legs. Only there is one caveat – the legs relative to the other meat should be at least a third. For example, 700 grams of legs with hooves (this is mandatory) should take no more than half the kilograms of other meat. Meat can take absolutely any – veal, beef, chicken. Some do not recognize in jelly poultry. But here it is for everybody. It is important to understand that a large amount of meat will not allow the aspic to set. For better gelation of the meat should be with the skin and veins.

How to cook jelly

Before you prepare the jelly, the meat should be cut, cleaned and osmolite skin if you need it, and then have to soak it for several hours in cold water. You can soak the meat all night.

After soaking, the meat is washed, put in a pot or saucepan and filled with water 5 cm above and placed on the fire. After boiling, the fire must reduce will go permanent formation of foam, it should be continuously removed. The process takes about 10 minutes, then stops completely.

Then the pan needs to cover and bring the boil to a minimum. Even if the water boils away, nor should it be pour.

How to cook jelly

After the jelly comes to a boil, it should cook on low heat for about 5 hours. After this time the broth is added unpeeled, but thoroughly washed carrots, onions, roots of celery or parsley. Added spice from allspice and peas, definitely Bay leaf. Add salt to taste, about it can be teaspoon of salt.

If the water is substantially evaporated, you will have to add it from the kettle, as the fluid will need. Cook jelly then another hour and a half. In General, the aspic is cooked at least six hours.

When the jelly is cooked, filter the broth through cheesecloth or through a sieve. Unnecessary roots, carrots and onions discarded, meat cut into small pieces with your hands. Grinder is better not to scroll, otherwise there is a risk to leave the bone. To cut meat is added crushed through a garlic press. In the pre-prepared dishes spread meat component of the jelly, then pour it with the broth. Very carefully everything gets mixed up.

How many freeze jelly

After it is all glassed trays, dish should give to cool completely. Then put the trays in the refrigerator, preferably on the middle shelf. If the trays are covered with lids, you can stack them on each other. If the caps are not – you can cover the dish cutting Board.

Properly cooked the jelly hardens about 4-5 hours. It is better to let it sit in the fridge overnight.

Before you serve the dish on the table, the dishes should be immersed for a few seconds in hot water, then the jelly will easily separate from the dish. Heated in this way the dishes turn, substituting for jelly flat dish.

Serve the aspic can be horseradish or mustard.


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