JavaScript is a special prototype-oriented programming language. It can be embedded in the html code of the web pages, thereby increasing the functionality of the site. Squeak allows developers of various browsers to make the page interactive, so this comfortable and functional language every day becomes more and more popular.

Java-script is considered to be one of the easiest programming languages, largely due to its similarity with Java, which determined the first part of its name. The architecture of this software language has a number of features, which is primarily due to its similarity with other languages, and secondly, its application in practice. Not to mention the property of memory, which can be controlled automatically and also dynamic typing in type, prototiposite programming and the presence of features considered as first class objects.

That allows JavaScript

Java script allows you to create beautiful interactive pages that can not be done in pure html language. Typically, the script execution is preceded by any user actions: click, hover, etc. the Implementation of this language, starts when you load a web page. To write Java script by using any text editor. To view the article in the browser can process scripts. We are talking about Netscape Navigator (starting with the 2nd version) and Microsoft Internet Explorer (starting with the 3rd version).

Since both these browsers have spread quite widely, nearly all users are working with this programming language, improving the appearance of web pages and their functionality. By the way, appear in browsers scripts can vary. Most of the javascripts which you can download from the Internet free, Opera support can not.

How to place code in a separate file

You need to create in any text editor page and save it. Continue to download some Java-script code and place it in this page. Save in the same folder .html. Now you need to connect the JavaScript to the html page. To do this in the HTML file, you need to make a record.

Scripts written in the language of this script? can be placed on the html page between the same tags. Tag