You will need
  • Opera Browser
The path we are interested in setting up is through the main menu of the browser - clicking it, go to "Quick settings". In this section the installation of the browser is divided into four groups, the second of which is the desired string "Enable JavaScript". If the mark it is not necessary - it should stand. And you can do all this without a mouse - access to quick settings browser is opened by pressing the "shortcut key" F12.
Opera: quick enable JavaScript
There is another, slightly longer way to access the same setup, which additionally gives access to several advanced settings processing JavaScript in your browser. In order to use it you need the "Settings" section of the "Main menu", select "General settings" (or press Ctrl + F12). In the "Settings" window that opens, click on the "Advanced" tab in the left pane, select "Content". You should then put a mark next to "Enable JavaScript". Advanced settings is available by pressing a button set to JavaScript.
Opera: advanced JavaScript settings