One of the best in terms of blocking ads is the browser of Opera AC. This is a modified community version of the well known browser Opera. It includes powerful tools in the fight against is, the user has the opportunity to add unwanted sites to the blacklist.
The latter, at the beginning of 2012, version Opera AC 3.7.8 build is Final, you can free download it online. When you install put it in Program Files folder, and any other. You will get the opportunity to carry a folder browser on any computer or keep it on a flash drive.
After installing and launching the program, open the menu "Settings" and select "Block unsolicited" window. Then open "Tools" - "ad blocker and flash". Select "Enable ad blocker", then click "Enable all blockers". In the section "Blocked content" you can see the list of blocked sites. To add a site to the list click "Add" and paste the address you want.
If you use the Mozilla Firefox browser, to block ads you have to download appropriate plug-in, built-in feature of the combat is in this browser no. One of the best ad blockers is Adblock Plus, you can download it from this link:
Those who works with Google Chrome, too, have put plug-in to combat is – for example, AdBlock. To install it start Google Chrome, click the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the program window. In the opened context menu select "Tools" - "Extensions". The browser will ask if you want to see a gallery of extensions. Click on the link in the extensions gallery type in the search box adblock. In the opened window, select the AdBlock plugin and click "Install".
Users of Internet Explorer got the opportunity to block ads in the ninth version of the browser, there is the tool "tracking Protection" working virtually in the same way as AdBlock.