You will need
  • the Internet browser "Opera"
Open the Opera browser. In the upper right corner of the browser there is a menu bar with various options. Click on "Tools" (if menu is not visible, click "File" and then "Show menu bar"). Under "Tools" select "Settings".
In the popup menu, select "Advanced". Will be a variety of options, they click on "Content". Now select "Blocked content". Enter the websiteyou want to block.
If you need to block only some of the content in the websiteand click the right mouse button on the page of the websiteand open in the browser.
Click in the menu on the "Blocked content" in the top of your browser menu will be displayed to block content.
Click on the objects you want to block, for example, a picture. By default, all images will be blocked, so if you need to display only one of them hit the keyboard Shift key at the same time by double-clicking a picture. When all desired objects are locked, click "finish" in the menu at the top left corner of the browser.
Alternative method. Open the folders in this order: C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc. Locate the file named hosts and click on it to open. The computer will offer a program with which to open the file. Select "Notepad".
Scroll the opened text to the end, in the very last line specify the address of a websiteand you want to block. Press the space bar. After a space enter the IP address of the blocked website.