You will need
  • - плагин для «Mozilla Firefox»;
  • - «KinderGate Parental Control».
To block a website in browserthat you usually use. In order to do this in Internet Explorer, open in the running browser menu "Server" and select "Internet options". In the "Privacy" tab click the "Sites" and enter the addresses of sites that don't have to visit your child. After the list is complete, press "Unit" and then OK.
In order to block certain pages in "Mozilla Firefox", you'll have to download a special plugin (for example, "ProCon Latt" or "LeechBlock"). After installing the plugin and restarting the browser go to menu "Tools", select the tab with the plugin name, then click "Options" and make a list of pages that you want to block. In addition to complete blocking of the sites, you can put a temporary block on certain pages (for example, to entertainment sites a day does not distract you from work).
To block a website in Opera, open the browser and go to the menu "Settings". Select the "Advanced" tab, then "Content". Using the "Add" button, make the ' banned sites, and then restart the browser.
If you use multiple browsers, you can block access to certain sites for all programs. To do this, open the disc, locate the folder "Windows" and a folder "System32," "drivers" then "etc". There is the folder "hosts". Open it with Notepad and enter at the end of the documentназвание_сайта, and in the next lineполный_адрес_сайта. Save the changes to the document.
To block certain pages, and using the intended programs. For example, one of them is called "KinderGate Parental Control". After downloading and installing the program (keep in mind that the activation surcharge), run. Find the button "Ban '" and then "Add", then enter the address of the site. The program is a password, so your children will not be able to work around this limitation.