Download addition to Mozilla, which will allow you to block certain websites. For this purpose the BlockSite. This Supplement creates a and subsequently completes the list of prohibited Internet sites. Download this useful product can be, for example, the link Install the app, follow the instructions and paste it into Firefox. Restart the browser.
Select "add-Ons" in the menu tab "Tools". Open a list of established add-ons and find BlockSite. Click on the application name in the window that opens, select the "Settings" button. A window will open containing a list of sites and paragraph BlockSite Preferences of the group Enable functions. Go to settings Enable BlockSite, where you can block unwanted sites. You can also program a message that contain the warning that you're trying to go on the forbidden site in the settings Enable warning messages. In addition, BlockSite is a function of the inclusion of the cutting links on those sites that you have blocked. It can be run via the button Enable link removal.
Complete list of sites that you access from your computer is prohibited in the Blacklist tab. If you want to restrict access to all sites except a few, BlockSite will help you in this. Just bring ' allowed sites in the Whitelist list. Protect all your settings with a password under the menu item Authentication. Then the only one who knows the password can unlock the entrance to the forbidden sites.
Adjust the "Black list". Go to groups Enabled functions and select there the option and Enable BlockSite Blacklist. Clicking the Add button you can add to unwanted sites list. Otherwise, if you want to delete the site from the blacklist, select it and click Remove. You can correct the spelling of the address of the website, selecting the desired site and click the Edit button. If you wish, you can clear the list of blocked sites by using the button Clear list. To save any changes, click knopku OK.