If you are using Internet Explorer, go to Internet options, click the tab "Content". In "access Restriction" select "Enable". In the opened window, locate the tab "approved sites" and in the allowed nodes enter the website address that you want to leave access. Then click "Always." Then write again the same site, but marked with "*" ahead and again click "Always". Then one last time fill in the "Allow viewing" the name of the website indicated "*.*" ahead. Click the "Never" and then click "Apply" and "OK". Note: when performing this restriction, you must enter and remember a password to make further changes.
If you use Kaspersky antivirus, the main window of the program select "Parental control", enter in a special window the password to access the functions or enter the password, if you still haven't. To set the password, click the appropriate link, create, enter and remember the password combination. Then in the window "Scope password" click the check mark on those items that you want to protect. Of these, the item "settings" should be required. Confirm the password.
Then locate and activate the tab "Users" and click "Enable" next to "Parental controls". Then in the opened window find a child's account, select it and click on the icon "Customize". Then in the opened window "settings – Parental control for user" in the group "Internet", select "Visit web sites". In the right part of the window, select the tick on the "Enable" and then tick on the "to ban visits to all web sites except the item "Resolved".
Go to the tab "Allowed web addresses" and click the link "Add". In the window "address Mask (URL)" enter the address allowed to view the site and click "OK". Click "OK" in the window "configure Parental controls" to all the settings preserved. At the end of the confirm changing settings entering a password.
Using the above instructions, you will be able to restrict users from your computer. Subsequently, having dealt with the parental control settings, you will be able to perform the necessary actions in other browsers, antivirus and applications.