The easiest way to deny access to a particular website is to edit the hosts file. It is suitable for small or home networks, as well as when you use one computer by several persons. Go to the directory of the system drive C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc.
Copy the hosts file located in that folder, in another folder or on your desktop. Open the copied document using Notepad or any other text editor Windows. To do this, right-click on hosts and select "Open in Notepad".
At the end of the file, add a paragraph: adressat

In this query, "adressat" – address of the resource to which you want to restrict access. You can add any number of sites. To do this, enter each address on a separate line and add in front of him.
Upload the saved file back into the directory, confirming the replace operation. Access to these sites will be closed and in the window of your browser will receive a notification about the unavailability of the resource.
Access to certain websites can be blocked with the help of special anti-virus utilities and firewalls. Among these programs are popular antivirus solutions like Avira, Norton Inernet Security, Kaspersky, Nod32. Run or install the program on your computer.
In selected utilities find a section on blocking access to resources. So, in Nod32 blocking unwanted sites by using the tab "Protection and the Internet" - "Manage addresses", where you can enter the address of the resource, which is to impose a ban. Kaspersky is responsible for this section "Parental control". In other antivirus software, the lock is the same.