The restoration of a tooth with the help of micro-prosthetics is available if damaged a significant portion of the tooth crown, but the root is in good condition. After the examination, the oral cavity sanation and removal of tooth pulp of the root is made the reference pin-tab and it built up missing part of the tooth, with adjacent crowns are not affected.
Dental implantation is a method in which the jawbone installed a titanium pin and it is worn on the crown of the tooth. The load of the process of chewing food falls on the bone of the jaw, as well as the burden of natural teeth. This eliminates the danger of thinning and reducing the jaw bone volume. During implantation the adjacent teeth are not affected.
Nylon prosthesis is bridges consisting of soft, elastic material. These dentures are attached to adjacent teeth by means of clasps, made of elastic nylon. The installation of such bridges does not require turning the adjacent teeth. The material from which they are made is hypoallergenic and highly aesthetic, due to what is called "invisible." The disadvantage of such prostheses is the elastic deformation during mastication. The load is distributed on the gum and bone tissue beneath it. Is the sagging gums, reducing the volume of the jaw bone.
Installation of dental bridges is made with involvement of the adjacent teeth. Pre-made engraving them, removing the nerve, canal filling, and fit a prosthesis. This design features high reliability and long life.
Clasp prosthesis can be installed in the absence of several teeth in a row on both sides of the jaw and the presence of a healthy to secure. It consists of a metal arc and base, in which is inserted the artificial crown. The prosthesis is attached to the natural teeth by means of clasps or steel hooks. The main load during chewing has on the abutment teeth.
In the absence of the greater part of the teeth on the jaw, can be used plate dentures. They are made of plastic, in which the artificial crown. Such a prosthesis holds the mouth due to the effect of suction to the gums or the palate. The design is durable and reliable.