Modern methods of replacing teeth

Today there are many ways to get a new tooth. One of the top quality is implanted. This method is operational and embodied under anesthesia. The implant is implanted using a special screw in the jawbone, and the top fits over the crown. This method is recognized as the most durable and reliable: the denture is much stronger than real teeth.

There are two ways of prosthetics with ceramic. Metal-ceramic crown is installed quickly, is natural and makes it easy to chew any food. Cons – durability (shelf-life of about 5-6 years) and trauma located next to the teeth.

To avoid deformation of the natural teeth will help ceramics. This method of prosthesis is fairly new, but already enjoys great popularity. This is due to the beautiful appearance of the crowns, their lightness and high wear resistance.

There are also several types of dentures, which replace the fallen/extracted tooth. Very popular are removable substitutes made of plastic. They are justified in case of loss of teeth in the back of the mouth. However, such prosthesis is short-lived (4-6 months), requires constant cleaning and can be damaged solid food.

Bridge is attached to the neighboring defect teeth. This replacement is convenient, unobtrusive and durable. However, these teeth, acting as a support that require turning and may eventually sway.

Not to worry about the adjacent teeth and the hardness of food allow bugel prosthesis. They have a special "locks" which are mounted in an invisible region. The only negative: they also require cleaning after a meal.

The price issue of prosthetics

Each prosthesis has its price. It includes the implant (if necessary), the crown, the work of a doctor. It is therefore possible to give only an approximate answer to how much it costs to get the tooth fixed.

The most expensive methods – implants and partial dentures. The cost of the first is composed of the implant (around 20000-30000 rubles) and crowns (the price varies from amount of material an average of 10 000-15 000 RUB.). So, to insert the tooth implant will cost from 35 000 RUB the Price of the prosthesis depends on the attachment method. Microsemi will cost from 36 000 rubles, telescopic crowns from 42 000 RUB.

Cheaper will cost bridge denture – from 10,000 to 15,000 RUB About the same price you can meet, choosing ceramics. Its price varies from materials used. Just ceramic crown would cost about 10 000 rubles, While the choice of zirconium oxide or aluminum oxide will have to pay about 5000 rubles 8000 rubles. respectively.

A relatively cheap way to insert a tooth – pick cermets or removable dentures. The initial cost of the first option is about 5500 RUB (material+work). Immediat removable prosthesis is offered at the price of 5000 rubles. But in this case you will have to shell out also a temporary crown (from 1000 RUB).