First, the wife needs to stop blaming her husband with his mistress and look at the situation calmly. Mistress, as a rule – not a cause of poor family relationships, but only a consequence. Long known that a man goes "to someone" and "someone". Therefore, at this stage it is necessary to realize that what happened there is a share of your guilt. It is necessary to establish the relationship between you and then the mistress will disappear by itself.
Next, we need to understand precisely what you did wrong. For example, often criticized her husband, swore at him, humiliated and "sawed". In such a situation no wonder the man went in search of the woman he wanted to feel loved and respected.
Set up friendly relations with her husband, no matter how difficult it may seem to you this step. While we are talking only about friendship. Show your husband that you are very nice to talk to him that you consider him an interesting person and interested in his problems. Make sure that the husband wanted to talk to you.
Become an interesting woman. Perhaps you have forgotten about yourself as a woman during the marriage. Unfortunately, this happens to many women. Work, life, children do not leave time for yourself and the woman ceases to feel beautiful and attractive, it ceases to take care of themselves. And for good reason. Give yourself a perfect image of the woman I fell in love with your husband.
When you and your husband will established a friendly relationship, and he will see that you turn men on the street, he will want to repair your love relationship. And at this point you have to put it before a choice – either you or the mistress. Do not be afraid. If you reached this stage, he will choose you. In this new life try to avoid the same mistakes and then no mistress does not disturb your family home.