This case comes Windows search. It can be launched directly from the start menu" in Windows XP's "Search" in Windows Vista and 7 – string "Find files and folders". You can also start the search by pressing shortcut keys Win + F.
Windows XP:In the left pane of the search window you need to set parameters by which to calculate desired file or folder. If you are looking for multimedia, select pictures, music and videos. To search for documents, including Microsoft Office, choose "Documents" section. If you don't know the file extension, select "Files and folders".In the Part of the file name or the whole file name of" you need to enter the name of the desired file, and in the "Search in" choose the hard disk or flash drive on which the search is carried out. Also you can search your entire computer, select My computer. After the search is configured, start it by clicking "Find".
Windows 7:In the search box in the upper right corner, enter the name or partial name of a file/folder. Clicking once with the left mouse button on the field for entering a search word, you uedite a few settings:Type – the desired format of the file (contact, document, music, folder, game, video, etc.);
The date of the change;
Type – the possible extension of the desired file;
Size.After the settings and text input, press “Enter” and observe the appearance of search results in the main window.