Be friendly and friendly. When you see that a visitor came into the shop or Department in which you work, be sure to welcome him. Eliminate any contact with their colleagues. It may not please the customer, and he thinks that communication with other advisors is more important to you than him. Do not eat food or chew gum in the workplace, because the potential buyer can appear at any time, and to welcome him with a full mouth, at least, indecent.
Correctly ask questions. After the greeting will ask what I can do. It does not use such wording, "Can I be of any help? Do you need my help?" People subconsciously will seek to answer "no" and the form of the question will only embolden him to do it.
Don't be Intrusive. If the person answered in the negative or said that you didn't need help, it is not necessary to forcibly offer her. Stand aside and wait. Perhaps in the process of selecting the visitor will try to find you, and I can advise it. Excessive obsession off-putting and creates a negative impression not only on the consultant, but also about the shop in General.
Stay interested, give up indifference. The buyer feels you want to communicate with him or not. If all of the questions you answer incompletely, or are reluctant, he will notice it. So try to feel the problem of the interlocutor. Find out what exactly he needs, and tell me which of the products will satisfy their needs to a greater extent.
If you are a shop assistant of a certain brand, in any case don't let yourself respond negatively about competitors ' products. It is unprofessional and violate the ethical rules that exist in the advertising industry.