Advice 1: How to behave to the seller consultant

Shopper — not the last figure in the store. With it, customers can deal with the issues that arise in the process of selecting and purchasing the product. To the work of the consultant was fruitful, one must not only know all about the products, but also to show friendliness and interest.
How to behave to the seller consultant
Be friendly and friendly. When you see that a visitor came into the shop or Department in which you work, be sure to welcome him. Eliminate any contact with their colleagues. It may not please the customer, and he thinks that communication with other advisors is more important to you than him. Do not eat food or chew gum in the workplace, because the potential buyer can appear at any time, and to welcome him with a full mouth, at least, indecent.
Correctly ask questions. After the greeting will ask what I can do. It does not use such wording, "Can I be of any help? Do you need my help?" People subconsciously will seek to answer "no" and the form of the question will only embolden him to do it.
Don't be Intrusive. If the person answered in the negative or said that you didn't need help, it is not necessary to forcibly offer her. Stand aside and wait. Perhaps in the process of selecting the visitor will try to find you, and I can advise it. Excessive obsession off-putting and creates a negative impression not only on the consultant, but also about the shop in General.
Stay interested, give up indifference. The buyer feels you want to communicate with him or not. If all of the questions you answer incompletely, or are reluctant, he will notice it. So try to feel the problem of the interlocutor. Find out what exactly he needs, and tell me which of the products will satisfy their needs to a greater extent.
If you are a shop assistant of a certain brand, in any case don't let yourself respond negatively about competitors ' products. It is unprofessional and violate the ethical rules that exist in the advertising industry.

Advice 2: How to prepare for the interview with the employer for the position of sales assistant

Sales is the face of your company. When choosing a vacancy of a sales assistant, you need to present yourself at the interview, demonstrating your best qualities and skills. And then the result of your efforts will be the long-awaited invitation to work.
How to prepare for the interview with the employer for the position of sales assistant

Who is the seller-consultant. Gathering information about jobs

Sales is a kind of lifesaver for the buyer, lost among the abundance of goods and services. The living advertisement of a product.

Therefore, the first step to the perfect interview is the study of the products and services provided by the company-employer. Visit the website of a potential employer, read reviews about the company. Feel free to ask acquaintances whether they used such services or goods. You can buy some products for yourself to appreciate its quality.

In the interview mention that you have used the services or products of the company, and correctly tell us the pros and cons of certain services/goods at your discretion.

Presentation appearance

The seller-consultant must have a flawless appearance. Most consultants wear uniforms with their company logo. Show off your sense of style and respect to clothing, appearing for the interview in a clean pressed business suit. It could be a white shirt with a MIDI skirt (knee length, short is considered bad manners), and jacket with pants.

Official clothing does not imply flashy shades, so choose calm pastel colors. Matte blue color, beige or light gray.

The same applies to jewelry. It is undesirable to abuse the number of rings and bracelets, as well as the length of the earrings. Ideal modest ornaments of gold or silver. To describe you as punctual and stylish, a person will watch. Choose a model without rhinestones and frivolous hearts on the bracelet.

For any employer apart from clothes an important component of a good employee is well groomed. Clean skin, neat nails, stylish hair...

It is considered that if the person is careful with his appearance, he also collected and careful work. With such a man to work a pleasure.

It as the main tool sales assistant

Seller-consultant in the course of their work have much to say, explaining to the buyer the quality and function of certain goods, etc.

Preparing for the interview, listen to his speech. Try to tell something about the tube of toothpaste, for example. Record yourself on video. It should be clear and meaningful. Avoid words-parasites and stretching breaks ("it's like", "Ah", "uh-uh", etc.).

Learn to speak clearly by using tongue twisters. In Soviet times, people practiced the speech, pronouncing words with walnuts in his mouth. You need to put in each cheek in the nuts and say as long as the words do not acquire a distinct sound. Try also to read aloud some poem.

At the interview try to speak confidently. Look directly at the employer, not at the floor or ceiling. Welcome friendly smile, but without familiarity.

Stay relaxed, but not sloppily. Stick to open postures and gestures. Look at the leading weather forecast and try to use the same gestures - the location of the elbows at some distance from the body, calm the movement of your palms, smooth movement of the housing etc.

Not superfluous in the interview will be your positive attitude. Each successful outcome, imagine is already work in the selected company. Stay with dignity, and you will want to cooperate in the future.

Advice 3: The pros and cons of buying cosmetics at the "networkers"

Working in the office, being in the beauty salon, spending shopping or just strolling through the streets – every girl can encounter with the representatives (or as they call themselves, consultants) companies - companies that sell cosmetics and means on care of a skin. They come with a simple question, completely unrelated to their direct purpose – to sell. And somehow unpretentious, quietly pass from this question to my main theme. Namely, to offer to try the products of their company.
The pros and cons of buying cosmetics at the "networkers"

These companies nowadays a huge number of, and consultants. And once caught with them, making concessions and showing little weakness and is still trying the suggested product, the consumer gets the hook of a consultant.

A consumer's attitude to the sales strategy of chain stores and the quality of the product is always different. This question remains purely individual. But in order not to be idomou in the structure of the network cosmetic business you must understand the basic advantages and disadvantages of this sales technique and product quality.

An advantage of purchasing the product through a consultant assessessment to learn about the product maximum information, and the ability to test her myself. Almost all sellers on the presentation of products have samples of the most popular items from the range. That is, the purchase is not based on "buy a pig in a poke". The disadvantage of this method of sale – limited choice. The seller offers only its brand. And if the buyer is weak, then he might think: "If I spent so much time, I obliged to buy something".

Another advantage the buyer will be constantly informed about new products in the range. I can't afford a network of cosmetic shopping. The girl who once indulged myself and bought at least one lipstick in the company - "seteviki" constantly will get the news in all possible ways. SMS, email, flyers in the mailbox is a small list to remind yourself of the seller-adviser. And this fact can be seen both positively and negatively.

Get a discount – what more to please the young lady with the purchase?! Probably only the size of this discount. Buying cosmetic products in supermarket chains, the discount usually does not exceed 15%. But in close cooperation with your client Advisor, the size of the discounts may reach to 35%. The negative side there is and probably never will.

In the future, provided that the products of the company "networkers" will fully meet the needs of the buyer, it is possible to connect the user to the network. And then the buyer will become the seller-consultant who "turned" it on this product. And, if you give this business a while, it is possible to gain benefits from network marketing will increase significantly. The main thing to clearly understand their desires and needs and not to go on about the seller's professional, who are consultants familiar network of companies selling cosmetics.

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