Now there is a tendency to add variety to all parts of the wedding celebration. However, the registration of marriage to diversify is almost impossible. Solemn or not, and if solemn, only the rules of the Registrar. The only option to hold after the registration of symbolic wedding ceremony on the road.

There you will have to wait for the actor, and all the wedding will be staged, but such as would like you.

Often the couple signs the registry office, without guests and splendor, and then arrange exit the ceremony with all the solemnity.

Marriage registration wedding is usually held in parks or squares. But we must remember that it is impossible to drink alcohol. Therefore, if champagne you don't want to give up, you can rent a camp site. There you can put a table with snacks and alcohol, for example, hall champagne at the wedding Palace.

The most important thing is to make beautiful place. Usually put arch for the marriage registration, and decorated with flowers or ribbons. Sometimes the couple are on their triumph in the Greek style or in a fairytale.

The cost of visiting wedding about 15 thousand rubles. But if you want to really impress guests, the costs will have to increase.

Now and arches become a tradition, and if you want something really quite unusual, it is possible, for example, to make the nature of the window frame and register in her background. A themed wedding is one way to diversify the holiday.