It may happen that the groom or the bride will change their decision to tie the knot. There are also many other reasons due to which you will have to move the wedding indefinitely. In the event of sickness or death someone from relatives or friends it is better to postpone the wedding so as not to spoil the holiday.

The postponing the wedding - not easy, but doable. Even in the case when it is fully compiled and updated full list of invited guests, and those he made his own schedule in order to attend the wedding. And the guests who live in other cities, have already booked the tickets and took a leave of absence or agreed on an unscheduled weekend.

Rules for postponing the wedding in the registry office

In the case of postponing the wedding must notify the office of the Registrar, which was written a statement. Further the planned a couple of time can put the check relationships of the other couples.

The application for a postponement of the date of the wedding will have to write anyway. There are several options of the transfer date of wedding:

- you can transfer the registration day for a few days, but not more than a month;
- you can assign a different day if within one month will not be completed all the cases that prevent the marriage register;
- you can register the relationship in the hospital or at home if there is reason.

Without paying duties to move a wedding date for only one month. If you need more time, you will have to re-apply and re-pay the state fee.

General rules for postponing the wedding

The most important thing to do is to notify absolutely everyone who was invited to the wedding, as many guests have not had time to buy tickets, and those who have already bought, will have time to take them. Definitely need to explain the reason for postponing the wedding.

It is also necessary to notify the Banquet hall or restaurant, where they planned a wedding celebration. Some restaurants hold approximately 10% of the principal amount of an order for the cancellation of the Banquet.

You must immediately notify all the people who were hired for weddings. Filmmakers, photographers, hairdressers, makeup artists and others will be able to change your schedule on this date, if they are warned in advance. In case anyone was signed the service agreement wedding events, then such issues should be discussed in advance.