Look, but not stare

Visual contact – reception is excellent, even stunning. Girls love it when guys look them in the eye boldly. It excites such attention, it's flattering. But you've got to know when to stop. Use the rule of "11-1". When you girl says something, eleven seconds looking at it, and after one second look away. So you will show her that listening to her but not force her to be embarrassed.

APE is not harmful

But on the contrary is useful. Scientists in Holland have proved that mimicry can conquer companion. Briefly, the point is this: imitate in action to help make it clear to the interlocutor that you watch them closely, paying attention. In short, on the same page. So if a girl makes a gesture – repeat. If you went into a cafe or restaurant, and she ordered something, you should order the same. Do not repeat everything. Otherwise, at the risk of sounding too feminine.

Feed her sweet

Also works with men. When a person eats sweet, the world around seems brighter, my mood is better, and stuff not as nasty. If you have some issues in character or appearance, make a date cake or a piece of cake. Thanks to endorphins, the pleasure hormone that is produced when the man bite for bite eat the sweets.

Feet as an indicator

At least a couple of times look away from her face and look at her legs. If they look at you toes, then breathe in relief. If not, then start to worry. Since the legs are very far away from the head, difficult to manage. And sometimes toes are truer than words and facial expressions. Sounds crazy, but it works.