Advice 1: How to arrange a romantic night

In the everyday life, couples often don't notice that a romantic relationship between them has long replaced the routine, and the Foundation of a relationship has become a habit. This is especially true after having children. This is a dangerous situation, because any hint of romance on the side in this case could lead to the disintegration of the family. How to return the tender relationship between husband and wife? One way is to arrange a romantic night.
How to arrange a romantic night
Romantic nightdesigned to bring to life the spouses lost the feeling better to coincide with some of your General event - dates, Dating, wedding, first kiss, etc. basically, you can choose any holiday, but agree that the holiday will be much more intimate if it is only your holiday. If possible let it be a surprise for your spouse. However, in this case, be sure to find out the plans the wife this afternoon and evening, otherwise you can get a nasty surprise in the form of those who left on a business trip of her husband.
On the day of the planned romantic evening, send the kids to grandma. The morning for your spouse, create the atmosphere of pleasant anticipation of the evening and night. Put your other half a love letter in which ask to save you from loneliness and to spend the evening and night in an intimate setting.
During the day you will have a difficult task – to prepare a feast prepared, and at the same time, not tired and keep a vivacity and freshness to the night. Of course, the biggest effort should be made in order to be this day the most attractive. If you have a close friend, it may be asked to help with dinner preparation and decoration of the apartment. After all, someday you will be able to provide this service and to her.
Decoration of the apartment in a romantic night should be mostly candles and flowers. Place candles on the table, in the bathroom and the bedroom. To your spouse thought the whole evening about fire safety, select a stable candle holders and place them away from curtains and flammable items. A bouquet for the table should be low, otherwise you won't see each other. You can even be limited to scattered rose petals, which can also be put in the water in the bathroom. Nice emphasis of the evening should be the music. It may be the melody associated with your memories, or just light music.
It is very important to choose the right outfit. It is best to wear something light, comfortable and sexy, like a beautiful new chemise or a sexy dress open home. Be sure to make a beautiful hairstyle, makeup and manicure. All in you, in this night must be perfect.
Dishes that adorn your holiday should be extraordinary. You can include foods-aphrodisiacs – avocado, eggs, almonds, honey, seafood, bananas, mango and strawberries. But do not avoid meat – most men prefer it. Serve good wine. And at night put in the fridge a bottle of champagne.
Here everything is ready and your husband on the doorstep. Let the first thing he will see is your note with a proposal to go to the bathroom where he was waiting for a bath with scented water and rose petals. On the mirror, leave a note calling it after washing to go to the serving table.
After dinner, you can move to the bedroom, which created a romantic setting with candles and beautiful linens. Consider your entertainment, they should be unusual and to be sexual in nature. For example, you can play Dice". For this make paper two dice, on the sides of the first write action – to kiss, to lick, to bite, etc., and the other body parts – lips, neck, hand etc. And in turn they throw. This game will bring you lots of fun and will help tune in a playful way. Give each other massages, and for dessert – try to dance favorite erotic dance, which gradually spill over into something that it was organized...
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Advice 2: How to arrange a romantic evening man

Many familiar situation when a relationship with a man losing the romance and sophistication. To avoid this, it is necessary from time to time to take the initiative in their own hands. Make your man a nice romantic evening. Only he and you.
How to arrange a romantic evening man
You will need
  • - tidy flat;
  • - a little bit of imagination to come up with an original way to invite to the evening;
  • - prepared food, snacks, fruit;
  • - alcoholic beverages (wine or champagne).
First, choose a time and place to spend the evening. It is desirable that the next day you both need to be up early for work or school, so it is better to arrange the evening on Friday or Saturday. Don't forget that men and women have different ideas about a romantic nighti.e. If women this evening should be held in an unusual place and with exotic dishes, the man will prefer away from home not to go. A great solution is to arrange a romantic adventure for two in your home.
The next step will arrange the apartment. But I don't need rose petals or balloons. Just create a cosiness in your house that the man was glad that he got such happiness as you. Of course, everything should be clean.
Consider the menu tonight. It should not be just a snack because they need to feed their fill of your choice. Cook his favorite dish. An unusual way of serving this dish will add to your relationship a spark. Just don't try too feed it if you want to extend the evening.
Further dislocates smoothly into the bedroom, where you can pre-arrange snacks, fruits and wine. Make a lovely gift – easy erotic dance, or create an entertaining game of a sexual nature, for example on the strip. In any case, the man will be hope on a stormy night. This evening should be remembered by both of you.
If something goes wrong, do not worry and do not get lost. The most important thing is to follow the desire of their other half, because this evening is dedicated to him. Do not experiment with food, preferably a substantial and proven many times already in his stomach menu.
Useful advice
During the day you need to tell your partner that in the evening it is waiting for something special. The result, which you need to do is to intrigue the upcoming event.
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