You will need
  • - PC with installed diagnostic program for fuel-injected engines;
  • tester;
  • - a set of keys;
  • - screwdriver.
Managing auto injector carries electronics, which is subordinate to the onboard computer machine. Make the connection monitoring system components. Turn on the ignition and a ground and run a check. At this point the pump should turn on and pump the gasoline. If not, check for a faulty relay that controls the pump.
If signal light malfunction on the front of the car, run a diagnostic. To check, use the on-Board computer and connected the personal with the installed specialized software. Explore all the vehicle parameters to which you have access.
Go to start the car, if at this stage a problem with the engine not detected. Check the throttle device. Visually inspect the condition of the position sensor the throttle and wires. Turn on the ignition, check the tester voltage sensor and the onboard network. Control the degree of opening of the throttle.
Compare the results with the benchmark. Remember that a normal sensor voltage is in the range of 0.45 - 0.55 volts. The voltage must be higher than twelve volts, and the degree of opening of the throttle not to exceed one percent. Adjust the throttle actuator to fully close the damper.
Press to lock the accelerator pedal and repeat the measurements. In this position, the sensor voltage should be about four and a half volts, and the degree of opening of the throttle not less than ninety percent. Adjust throttle actuator to fully open.
Disconnect the regulator additional air flow. Set half throttle for supplying air under slight start warmed-up engine. Adjust the throttle actuator to fully close the hole.