You will need
  • the identity document, Bank card, passbook, pen, ATM, cash
If you need to replenish the account on a plastic card, find it in your town ATM, which belongs to the Bank in which you opened the card. Insert the cell of your card, enter your pin code, hand covering his. Click cash. Write the amount of cash which you desire to increase your balance. Confirm the operation, insert money into the bill acceptor. Get a receipt as a confirmation of the input amount, save it up until your account is replenished in cash.
On the plastic card to Deposit money through the branch or Central office of the Bank where she works. For this you need to contact a Bank employee request your account. Please submit a document proving the identity, the employee of the Bank, account number and card number, tell me what amount you want to increase your balance. Give money to the cashier, who will write you a receipt. On it you will need to sign.
The account can be replenished in the savings Bank and plastic card, sign up for the service online banking. For this you need to go to the main website of the Bank which opened the account, choose the Internet service. Entering the required data on your mobile phone will receive an SMS with a code, which is printed in the right field, the support operator will contact you and tell you how to identified. Once connected, you can Fund the account from home.
Deposit funds on the plastic card is possible through transfer of funds from one card to another. To do this, in the ATM select menu, money transfer, entered the card number that you wish to increase your balance by inserting your card and entering the pin code. Write the amount of money, confirm the transaction and obtain a receipt.