You will need
  • there is a wooden table;
  • - sandpaper or a sander;
  • - screwdriver;
  • keys;
  • new metal fasteners;
  • - joiner's glue;
  • - rubber hammer;
  • - varnish or paint.
Let's see how the connected parts from the table. To do this, turn it over and lay the tablewith echnica on a flat surface. Wood pieces can be held together using metal elements or studs.
When used in the connection of the legs of the metallic elements, tighten them. If the table still wobbles, Unscrew all the bolts or screws. Look at the thread. When it is damaged, replace the fixture for a new one.
Before replacing the fasteners, inspect all the holes. They may crumble, so I screw the screws impossible. We need to strengthen the wood in these places.
Ridge ream the holes larger in the devastated areas. Miss tableArnim furniture or white glue a wooden plug, a suitable diameter. Beat her with a hammer into the hole and let dry.
Make a drill hole for a new screw or screws. Assemble the table again with a new metal fixture.
If the old table connected to wooden spikes, disassemble it into its component parts. Nikolajevaite parts with a rubber mallet or put a wooden plank in the place where you will be hit. Then the tree will not remain dents and chips.
Clean the attachments from the old glue. Check not only the wooden spikes, but also grooves. Foreign matter will reduce the strength of the new connection.
Check all clearances, wooden spikes should not hang out in the grooves. If the nest is too cracked, put him in a few matches planed, coated with glue, or wrap the tongue with gauze or cloth soaked in PVA.
Collect table, promazyvaya fittings tableArnim with white glue. For better bonding of parts assembled wrap the table with a rope. Leave in this position until the glue dries.
Repair tableechnica. Lacquered table where you want to locate, repair deep scratches with a special putty. Align the sealed space and cover the surface with varnish. Let each layer dry thoroughly, then sand it with fine grit paper and paint with a roller.
If the table is painted with paint, update it, choose the color. If necessary, remove the special solvent of the damaged place. Cover the table with a new coat of paint.
Refresh (paint or Polish) the legs of the tableand the new tableechnica.