You will need
  • - antihistamines;
  • injection "Suprastin";
  • - activated carbon;
  • rice and lamb;
  • cream "Rescuer" or ointment "Ftorokort";
  • - powder "Tsamaks".
First bring the dog to a veterinary clinic where the doctor will carefully examine the animal and, if necessary, prescribe appropriate tests. Mostly the diagnosis is made on the basis of direct symptoms pointing to allergies. Sometimes vets are the easiest way – make an injection of "Dexamethasone", which is a hormone device and not cure allergies, but only at the time of her disguises. Discard the injection.
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To eliminate the itching, which has tortured an animal, use antihistamines, such as "Aerius", "Tavegil or Suprastin". The puppy is enough to give half tablets two times a day for three days. If the Allergy appeared suddenly, and the dog has swollen face, swollen eyes, immediately make an injection "Suprastin".
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To display the allergens from an animal's body, it required considerable time and long-term treatment. To speed up their elimination give the dog activated charcoal, three tablets twice a day (in this case the difference between the reception of coal and antihistamine should be two to three hours).
Что делать, если у щенка аллергия
Diet is the most important factor in the treatment of allergies. It should consist exclusively of lamb and rice, which are hypoallergenic products. Eliminate all mineral supplements and vitamin complexes. Let's solely water purified (distilled or at least boiled). In any case do not let the dog pieces from the table and warn the household, as all efforts can come to naught.
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Literally on the fifth day you will notice significant improvements itching will pass, the stain will begin to disappear. If your pet is on skin was eczema and scratching, treat them with ointment "Celestoderm", "Ftorokort" or cream "Rescuer". For large sores, use a powder "Tsamaks". While obligate the wool around the edges of eczema. Gradually start to introduce other foods and watch the reaction of the animal.
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