You will need
  • - vitamins for eyes;
  • monitor certificate of conformity;
  • - rational nutrition;
  • - gymnastics;
  • - special glasses.
Buying a new monitor, check out the hygienic conclusion. The certificate of compliance contains all the information about conducted testing. The safe to view the monitors comply with the Swedish technical standards TCO 95, 98, 99. This monitor will be the most safe for your eyesight.
Keep a distance. The monitor should be at arm's length. Set the maximum brightness, contrast and refresh rate, which should correspond to 70Hz.
Daily clean the monitor with special wipes or with a cloth microfiber and a spray designed for computers.
Lighting should be bright, but it is not necessary to put lighting in the vicinity of the computer.
If you feel that your eyes get tired and red, use when working at a computer wearing special glasses. They maximally absorb UV radiation, relieve fatigue. The price range in optical stores are scattered from 700 to 2500 rubles.
Every hour a short break. Take a break, drink tea or coffee, take a five-minute eye exercise. Lift up the eyes, take one, the other side, zazhmurtes, quickly blinked.
Do not overdo vasoconstrictor drops. You can use them from time to time. If your eyes become red, swell up, contact your optometrist. Will prescribe medications that promote eye and vision: "the Bilberry Forte", "Aevit", "Kuwait Lutein". A systematic method of balsam "Bitner" strengthens blood vessels and helps to restore vision.
Only pharmaceutical preparations for eyes is not enough. Eat right, include in the diet fresh carrots, olive oil, black currants, cranberries, greens, cod liver.
Comprehensive measures to protect vision and eye health, help you long time to have excellent vision.