You will need
  • Before you opt for any particular monitor, to learn more about its properties.
CRT monitor or the first generation monitors.
The monitor CRT is based on the CRT. A CRT is an electronic device that converts electrical signals into a visible image. Simply put, we see the image on a CRT monitor using a special tube. Through this tube passes the light, then it hits a reflective surface, and then displays the image.

These monitors are large, heavy, they consume a lot of energy. As well as, negatively affect vision by electro-magnetic radiation. Which extends behind and on the sides of the monitor at a distance of 1.5 m. If you use often occurs the phenomenon of "flicker", which contributes to reduction of visual acuity. These monitors are now discontinued, but you can buy used. And although I spend about 50$, this monitor will bring great harm to health.
LED monitor.
On these screens, instead of electric lamps are light emitting diodes. The main principle of this monitor they. These are little lights, through which we see the image on the screen. The led gives crystal clear black and white, providing high contrast, clarity and brightness. Colors seem to be more natural, thereby, increases his attention.
These monitors consume almost 50% less electricity than CRT. The price is also attractive - from$ 100. They are easy to use, does not occupy much space and practically do not put vision. In the production of mercury-free, environmentally-safe factor.
LCD monitor.
Liquid crystal screens are made on the basis of the substance cyanophenyl, which is in a liquid state, but retains the properties of crystals, hence the name. Today is the most current monitors.
These monitors are based on liquid crystals. When given the signal, they in turn light up the screen, thereby giving the image.
The cost depends on the diagonal, but on average from$ 80. With a simple device, the absence of electro-magnetic radiation and a reasonable price, LCD monitor and conquered the world.
It turns out that the LCD display is the safest display. But unfortunately, even it is possible to ruin your eyesight if you do not follow the rules of the computer:
- the monitor must be installed at a distance of at least 50 cm away from yourself at eye level;
in addition to the main lighting resort to additional;
- avoid reflections and glare;
every hour of work at the computer get distracted for 15 minutes to do exercises for the eyes.