If health is all right, from the unpleasant phenomena under eyes you can get rid of the cosmetics. For daytime skin care around the eyes use gels on plant extracts. Gels with extracts of aloe, rose hips, chamomile perfectly moisturize the delicate skin of the eyelids, visually reduce the signs of fatigue. The defect may be a little to hide the old-fashioned way by a dry powder or Foundation.
Do one of two masks:
1. A teaspoon of sour cream mix with the same amount of parsley juice;
2. Grate fresh cucumber. The mask is ready.
Apply any of these masks on the skin around the eyes, leave for 15 minutes. After that, rinse with warm water. Parsley juice and cucumber perfectly eliminate dark circles under the eyes and removes puffiness.
You can instead of cucumber pulp to use cucumber slices 9просто put them on eyes).
Good effect gives the application of ice cubes decoction of herbs. Prepare a herbal tea: in boiling water (0.5 l) put a tablespoon of chamomile, mint, sage. Let cool, then pour the liquid into the mold for ice and put in the freezer. In the morning, take one cube of broth and begin to slowly drive them in a clockwise direction on the skin around the eyes. The ice is well-tones the blood vessels and the skin, removing fatigue, eliminating bruising.
Before bed, use massage to the eyelids. With finger tips apply the warm olive oil, start by gently patting the muscles around the eye sockets in the direction from the inner corners of the eye to the outer lines. Now close your eyes, put the fingers on the eyelids. Start to open my eyes under your fingers, feeling the tension, thus raising eyebrows. Repeat several times, this procedure is excellent strengthens the muscle tissue, improving its tone.
Perhaps you are just tired and did not sleep a few nights, then put everything and a good night's sleep by placing a pillow under his head higher. Long healthy sleep, strengthen your body and eliminate through the natural swelling and bruising under the eyes.