A bright cardigan patchwork

To link such a model, pick multi-colored yarns. Can be used for knitting and yarn with a different texture, but it should be about the same thickness. Choose the right hook and start knitting the cardigan.

Tie with square motifs with sides of 10x10 cm, they can be made from the same thread, but with different pattern. However, the thing will look much brighter if the tie squares of colored thread. The elements lay in the lane, achieving a harmonious combination of flowers, combine them together with polostevichi. For shelves, make a strip of three squares. For the back of six. The number of items depends only on your desire. They all blend together, merge the composition of the paintings in monochromatic stripes.

Dial a chain of 60 loops for shelves. Next knit columns without nakida directly into the required length. Then attach a strip of squares. Connect the elements of the columns, provatas to the end of a number string tear off. Then enter the loop on the top line details, and continue with knitting the columns stripes.

Dawasa to the mouth, make obuvki, forming one smooth line. Knitting finished. The second shelf knit the same way. The neck vymazyvaja mirroring.

For the back dial a chain of 120 loops and knit detail right, alternating stripes of columns and strips of square motifs. For the sleeves make 2 rectangle, linking the two canvases columns without nakida required length.

Attach details to the back shelves. Sew shoulder and side seams. Vacate in the armhole sleeves. Since this cardigan would be bright, combine it with a plain clothing in light colors.

A warm sleeveless cardigan with turndown collar

That thing was warm and cozy, crochet, take a soft fluffy yarn, for example, Angora or mohair. You will need about 1 kg. Cloth crochet No. 2. Very nice look the product is associated in a tonal yarn fancy pattern, for example, it may be binding "Pineapple" or "Shells".

Dial a chain of 80 loops for the front and knit the pattern straight. At a height of 70-80 cm from the beginning crochet start to knit the neckline. For this in each row do obuvki one loop. In the same way tie the second shelf, forming the neckline in the mirror.

For the back dial 150 loops and tie rectangular canvas with a length of 80-90 cm Fold the parts together and run side and shoulder seams. For the fold-over collar dial a chain of 140 loops and tie a fancy pattern rectangle with a length of 10-15 cm Sew it by hand to the neckline of the cardigan.

The middle line of the tie crayfish step and make 3-4 loops hanging on the right shelf. To the left sew large buttons to match the fabric.