You will need
  • - the remnants of the yarn;
  • - needles or hook No. 1-1,5;
  • - thread.
Crochet dollsNoy clothes will fit any remnants of yarn in your house, and the thinner the thread, the better.
Build a pattern of the future product. Wrap the doll body gently with foil, cut off all the excess, then carefully unfold and transfer the pattern to paper. Make pattern-basis bodice and trousers. Based on this pattern, you will be able to simulate any thing.
Link the sample. It will help you to calculate the required number of stitches and rows. Measure the width of the sample, divide the number of eyelets on this value and you will get the number of loops in one centimeter. Then multiply the number of loops in 1 cm to the desired value of the product.
Make a stacked row and knit to the desired size, then take obuvki or increase according to your pattern.
Linking all the necessary parts, sew them and as the fastener sew a small piece of Velcro or hooks, so it will be easier unbuttoning and buttoning clothes. If you select the hooks, then loop them to sew is not necessary, as they can just to catch the knitted fabric. No less popular small buttons. They can be sewn or glued to the clothing items.
Hat and socks for the dolls to knit on five needles. Take the description of any model things and reduce the number of bead loops, according to the standards of the doll. Next knit in a circle, in the same way as indicated in the description.
Very comfortable knit clothes for dolls crochet, it can be used to create exceptionally beautiful outfits. It will fit slim hook No. 1-1,5 cotton thread, for example, "iris" or "snowflake". You can associate a wonderful delicate things and from a simple thread No. 40 or yarn for embroidery "Floss".
Decorate dollscovered outfits with appliques, beads, POM-poms. But please note that young children should not play with things that contain small parts.