You will need
  • - thick fabric for the base;
  • - a Hoop or frame;
  • - needle for tapes with a wide eye;
  • - a thin needle;
  • - silk thread in the color of the ribbons;
  • - scissors;
  • pencil;
  • - a sketch.
Stretch fabric for embroidery in the Hoop or wooden frame, otherwise it will shrink. With the help of colored pencils put the pattern on the fabric, trying to convey all the details. It is best to use a ready-made pattern, such as the painting or photo.
Carefully pick up strips to work. Directly print come into the store and choose the materials: ribbon and silk thread. It is very important to choose the ribbon color. Also, don't forget the brown ribbon for the branches, green ribbon, or fabric for the leaves.
Start embroidering the branches of lilac at the edges. Thread a large needle with a small piece of tape near the end so that the tip was from the inside, tie the ribbon a knot (not hard) and hide the second the tip through several centimeters from the first.
Thin needle, which works on silk thread in the color of the ribbon, secure the knot, that he was lying as it should. You get a small flower, which will result in all of the branches. Tape from the inside can not be cut, and gently bring to another thread. So make the required number of delicate small flowers at the ends of the branches in three pieces.
Start the embroidery of lilacs. To do this, thread the tape from the inside on the front side, here, withdraw the needle with silk thread. Pass a silk thread into a ribbon and sew small stitches across. Then, make several stitches along the edge of the tape.
Turn and sew across. You will get a zigzag stitch, such zigzags may be several. Pull the thread so that the tape is spun in beautiful folds, secure the thread on the fabric.
Continue to embroider the branches of lilac with small flowers from the ribbons. When the space allotted for the siren of a certain color is completed, tuck the tip of the tape on the wrong side of the fabric and fasten the thread. Continue working the ribbon in a different shade.
The branches are made of brown ribbon, you can pre-screw them into the spokes. The leaves are cut from a green satin fabric, the edges burn a match, fold in half lengthwise and iron, then flatten slightly and smooth out. As a result, you should get a sheet with a strip in the center. Complete with leaves and branches, the arrangement of lilac.